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    Welcome to Bradford & Airedale LOC

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    Welcome to Bradford & Airedale LOC

Bradford and Airedale Local Optical Committee

Welcome to Bradford Local Optical Committee   

Bradford Local Optical Commitee (LOC) represents the interests of Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians and Contractors of Ophthalmic services in the Bradford and Airedale area. Our aim is to raise the profile of Optometry and its associated professions with GP's, Ophthalmologists and Airedale General Hospital and Bradford teaching Hospitals. It also tries to maintain links with Neighbouring LOC's and other local professional commitees such as LMC (medical). LDC (dental) and LPC (pharmacy).

We hope to have most information you may need when working, easily available from this web site. Please contact us if you want further information or would like a link adding to a site you feel will be of benefit to the local Optometry community.

We welcome input and hope to develop this site into your primary reference source.

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