About Us

Bradford and Airedale LOC

Bradford LOC represents all Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians working in the  Bradford, Airedale, Craven and Wharfedale Clinical Commissioning Groups.

We meet about 6 times per year - usually at the University of Bradford Eye Clinic. The LOC contains members from independent optometry, the multiple, franchise and joint-venture sectors, the Hospital Eye Service, the optometry course at Bradford University and the dispensing profession. Our local Optometric Advisor also regularly attends LOC meetings.

We give a warm welcome to any local colleagues who want to join us - as you know  there is much happening in Optometry, and we want one of our strengths to be that our LOC reflects all sections of our profession.


If you would like to  know more about Bradford LOC, please contact any of the following members.


Chair: Chris Davey

Email: chair@bradfordloc.co.uk


Secretary: Raj Billoo

Email: Secretary@bradfordloc.co.uk


Treasurer: Kathryn Webber

EMAIL: Treasurer@bradfordloc.co.uk


Website: Mohammed Hafejee

Email: info@airedaleopticians.co.uk