Committee Members

Bradford LOC has representatives from all sectors of the profession - independents; employees; locums;franchisees; joint venture practices;the hospital department and the university optometry department.
We also have an optometric advisor in attendance at most meetings. About 10 - 12 of us meet regularly for LOC meetings, and one of our strengths is the variety of optical backgrounds we come from, and the range of skills we have. We meet about 5 times a year. You are welcome to join us.


Chris Davey
Tel:  01274 234635 


Raj Billoo


  • Minutes Secretary - Victoria Gore
  • Treasurer - Kathryn Webber
  • Webmaster - Mohammed Hafejee
  • CET Events - Harpreet Rehal, Raj Billoo, Jenny Capozio
  • Community Services - Ravi Naru, Dan Dixon, David Howarth
  • Newsletter - Jenny Capozio, Roy Foster, Cheryl Swindells, Sarah Farrar
  • Community Services Accreditation List Guardian - Ravi Naru, David Howarth
  • GP Liaison - Stewart Mitchell
  • Social Media - Jenny Capozio, Sarah Farrar
  • Committee Members (14 Members)

Raj Billoo

Jenny Capozio

Chris Davey

Mike Dearlove

Dan Dixon

Sarah Farrar

Roy Foster

Victoria Gore

Mohammed Hafejee

David Howarth

Jagdeep Kainth

Ravi Naru

Harpreet Reehal


  • Members co-­opted by committee:
Secondary Care - Charlotte Hazel, Corinne Fulcher
Education - Cheryl Swindells (ABDO)