Joining the LOC

Help make a difference to eyecare locally........


The LOC is responsible for looking after the interests of all GOS contractors (practices) and performers (optoms) in Bradford and Airedale. There is national variation in what different LOCs do.... but what we do is:


Consult with NHS/CCG's/DH/Hospitals when local Optical input is requested

Negotiate with NHS/CCG's/DH/Hospitals to set up community services

Provide information to Optoms/practices

Run local free unbiased CET events

Sit on local NHS 'fit to practice' panels and give advice to Optoms who may get caught up in that

Campaign on eyecare matters at a local level


The whole committee meets about 6 times a year at Bradford Uni. Members are assigned to subcommittees to look after the above duties, and to push them forward. Depending on what subcommittee you're interested in, you will be expected to attend meetings and perhaps do a few hours work in between. You don't need to attend every meeting, but if you miss 3 in a row you have to be removed according to the constitution. Your time for meetings and other duties is paid for. We are funded by taking ~0.4% of every GOS test in the area.


Any performer/contractor can attend meetings; they are open meetings, just not very interesting to the average Optom. If you're not sure; People interested in joining often come attend meetings as an observer first before getting involved formally. We have a new member, Harpreet Reehal, joining at the AGM who has been coming to meetings for about 9 months.


I'd recommend it.... it's often frustrating; there are lots of problems in our profession right now, the majority are difficult to fix but occasionally we make a tiny bit of headway.


If you want to join, or want to attend meetings as an observer, let me know and I'll give you the dates. Joining the LOC can only be done once per year at the AGM, but as I've said before, you can still attend meetings even if you're not formally part of the committee.


Chris Davey

Bradford LOC