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Dec 2017


Please see the attached document below on the NICE glaucoma guidelines update.

Please download the info HERE


Sept 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the attached memo from the local GP team regarding the recommendations for getting certain drops, medications and supplements on prescription.



May 2017


The Macula unit at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is relocating premises to Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, on 19th May 2017. This will be a modern, refurbished unit with new state-of-the-art equipment, and will be known as Bradford Macula Centre.


The Macula Service will become a full-time Mon-Fri service. Led by six Consultant Ophthalmologists, more than doubling the current capacity. Patients with a range of macular conditions including wet ARMD, vein occlusions with macular oedema and diabetic macular oedema will be assessed, treated and monitored in a timely manner and in line with national guidelines.


The fast-track referral process, FAX and telephone number for wet ARMD cases remain unchanged. If you require confirmation that your fax has been received, please assign a reference code (without patient demographics) to your referral, then send a follow-up email quoting the reference to Macular.Admin@bthft.nhs.uk. A confirmation of receipt of your faxed referral will be sent to you.

March 2017

We are aware that colleagues in Leeds are being contacted by NHS England regarding potential over-claiming of GOS. The general process is that the practice receives a letter from NHS England. This letter states that a proportion of practices, usually around 10%, have been identified as having above average activity when compared to national and regional figures relating to conversion rates.

PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE CONTACTED. Also refer to the AOP guidance - https://www.aop.org.uk/about-aop/aop-news/2017/02/27/gos-reclaims

If you're not an AOP member you should contact your relevant professional organisation.

March 2017
Vision Care for Homeless People are to open a branch in Leeds at the St Georges Crypt. They are looking for your help. See HERE for more info