2018 Archive


April 2018

Dear Colleagues,


Vision Care for Homeless People VCHP are desperately seeking some volunteer optometrists for Monday 16th and Monday 23rd April. The clinic is at St George’s Crypt Leeds and runs from 11-3. The clinic is fully equipped and has a resident DO and clinic manager who keep all the admin running smoothly. If you are available please let me know on ann.barrett@vchp.org.uk or barrettann@hotmail.co.uk

You will find it a most rewarding day.


If there are other Mondays that you would like to volunteer for please let me know. There are  of course other slots later in the year and we have a very small pool of regular optometrists. Even if you could volunteer for just one session it would make a big difference.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


Ann Barrett
Leeds LOC Chair


March 2018

NICE have released new guidance on managing patients with AMD. You can download a copy of the document HERE



Feb 2018


Following the visit from Capita/PCSE at the Bradford LOC winter course please find further info on the Future Service Developments for Ophthalmic PayNewsments.

Download the document HERE



Jan 2018


At the January 2018 LOC course, Bradford LOC issued the following document which can be given to patients who require examination but the practice are not able to claim a GOS fee under the current guidelines. In the current absence of a MECS/PEARS scheme these patients at present have to pay privately or be referred. The document gives the patient information on why they have been refused and action they can take.



It is recommended that you make notes of any advice you have given on the patients practice record.